Soccer Fans Blame Mick Jagger for England's World Cup Loss

Superstitious Soccer Fans Blame Mick Jagger for World Cup Loss

As one can imagine, English soccer fans are devastated over their national team's recent World Cup semifinal loss to Croatia.

Also, as one could imagine, those same fans are not taking the loss well. Many are placing blame on Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger for jinxing the team with his support.

But Jagger's supposed bad mojo isn't a new phenomenon, reports Variety. Soccer fans in England have for many years tied the singer's support to the nation's decades of World Cup futility — having last won the tournament in 1966. Many shared doubts about England's chances upon learning that Jagger was present at the game.


In 2014, Jagger tweeted good luck messages to England before two matches they failed to win. When England was eliminated and Jagger turned his support to host nation Brazil, the Brazilian team went on to be humiliated with a 7 - 1 loss to Germany in the final. 

Four years earlier, in the 2010 cup, Jagger went to a Team USA game that the red, white and blue lost to Ghana. 

It seems Jagger's lone victory when offering his public support to a World Cup club was in 1982. Jagger wore an Italy shirt the same day that nation captured the cup.

We'll see if Jagger makes a public prediction for the France vs. Croatia final, but many fans are begging him to not pick their club. 

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