'There is a mass exodus out of Puerto Rico as residents flee the devastated U.S. territory a month after Hurricane Maria wiped out much of the island’s crucial infrastructure. But as if it weren’t hard enough to see their communities destroyed and make the difficult decision to leave home, thousands of Puerto Ricans are being forced to leave their beloved pets behind due to a federal embargo and airline restrictions, as reported by the Daily Beast.

Altering coping with a month without electricity, communications, and clean water, it’s understandable why so many Puerto Ricans have made the decision to leave. But a hard decision was made even harder when it was announced that the number of pets in cargo on flights out of Puerto Rico would be limited, and that no pets over 20 pounds would be allowed to fly. One estimate suggests that of the nearly 30,000 people who have fled Puerto Rico so far, 2,000 have left pets behind due to the federal restrictions.' - more via Uproxx

There are many many shelters making a move to get the animals!  This is a huge effort and I am thankful for these people.